David Ano (losttoy) wrote in queer_michigan,
David Ano

VOTE Tomorrow!

TOMORROW is the 2010 election! VOTE. Projections say that only 50% will show up at the polls. What is up with that? Yes, the president is not on the ballot, but just about everything else is. This is one of the most important Michigan elections. We will be voting for a number of elected officials, including US Congressional seats, the Michigan gubernatorial race, the Secretary of State, The michigan Attorney General, Michigan State House, Michigan State Senate, members of the State Board of Education, local school districts, Regents to the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Michigan State University, County Commissioners, Michigan Supreme Court Justices, Judges of the Court of Appeals, Judges of the Court of Circuit Court, statewide proposals and other local city and township officials. This election will determine which direction the state will go in the upcoming years.

Find your polling place and what is on your ballot at

Get informed with these voter guides
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