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David Ano

Less than a week ...

Less than a week until elections. I heard on the radio this morning that over a 1/3rd of people are still "undecided". Do you know who you are voting for?

"It is important that the LGBT community understand the stakes in this election. While it can sometimes feel as if progress on issues of equality is slow, it will be non-existent if the Republicans take control of Congress next year. The more socially-conservative Republicans would do everything they could to block pro-LGBT presidential nominees for high-level positions in the government and on the federal judiciary. It is certain that the Republicans would attempt to quash the president's efforts to allow gays to serve openly in the military and his push to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act. And there is almost no chance that a Republican Congress would allow the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to become law." -Eric Rader

Most people do not vote in "off year" elections. But now more than even it is important for LGBT community to get ready, get informed and VOTE

Get informed ONLINE
We have made it easy for anyone to find information for all the races that will appear on their Nov. 2 ballot, including their U.S. Congressional candidate, State House, State Senate, Supreme Court, Attorney General, Secretary of State and more! Enter your zipcode online to get your customized Pride Source Voter's Guide.

BTL Voter Guide out or at http://www.pridesourcevotes.com/

Get informed in PRINT
Our Pro=Equality Voter Guide is incerted into today Between the Lines on newstands today, which includes:
• Electoral district Maps
• An Interview with Virg Bernero, Democratic candidate for Michigan Governor 
• Top 3 U.S. Congressional Races in Michigan with Mark Schauer, Gary Peters and Natalie Manoogian Mosher
• Dem AG candidate speaks out against UM student stalker
• State supreme court elections looking positive for progressives
• Benson barks back against anti-trans license proposal
• Openly gay State House candidates Garry Post, Ken Rosen and Toni Sessoms
• and more

You can also download the full BTL Voter Guide PDF at http://www.pridesource.com/voter/PrideSourceVoterGuide2010.pdf

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