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LGBTQ of Michigan

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This is a community for anything queer in Michigan. I will try to keep you updated on happenings, if you know of an event or news, please post it here! Also, this is a great way to meet more queers in Michigan. It's a big state and we know you're out there!

A few things about this community. We practice tolerance and understanding. If someone chooses to be without a label, that is their choice.

Use lj-cuts for large pictures, surveys, etc. We will DELETE anything that doesn't keep to that rule. Not everyone has a cable modem, we don't need our friend's pages getting slow.

Statewide GLBT Events
  • Michigan Lesbian & Gay Comedyfest

  • Motor City Pride

  • Reel Pride Michigan – Michigan’s GLBT Film Festival

  • Michigan GLBT Community Centers
  • Affirmations Community Center - Ferndale

  • Blue Water Pride – Port Huron

  • Friends North - Traverse City

  • Kalamazoo Gay/Lesbian Resource Center – Kalamazoo

  • Lesbian and Gay Network of Western Michigan – Grand Rapids

  • Lesbian Moms' Network

  • Perceptions – Tri-Cities
    Ruth Ellis Center - Teen Runaway and Homeless Center, 313-867-6936 (no website)

  • Washtenaw Rainbow Action Project – Ann Arbor

  • West Shore Pride Committee of Ludington

  • Michigan Organizations
  • Triangle Foundation

  • Detroit Black Gay Pride - Hotter Than July

  • LAHR – Lansing Association for Human Rights

  • Michigan Equality

  • Michigan Pride  

  • Pride Pac

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention & Services
  • Midwest Aids Prevention Project (MAPP)

  • Statewide GLBT Publications
  • Between The Lines

  • Cruise Magazine

  • Metra Magazine

  • Transgender Resources
  • Transgender Michigan


    This community is co-maintained by actionfunkimba and ezralitemikey. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.