lesbian life (vaginkhram) wrote in queer_michigan,
lesbian life

a kiss of forever

The moment I saw her enter the classroom I felt a wave of freshness pass
through me as she walked and sat infront of me. I was so lost in my thoughts
about her that I didn't realize the teacher calling me.

I came back to reality when I heard a bang on my desk. There I saw her
looking at me, the most beautiful hazel color eyes that were so mesmerizing
that I didn't hear a word the teacher was telling me. The words were just
flying over as I stared into her eyes. I was no more in control of reality I
felt so light headed and full of emotions.

I said, "Ouch!" the teacher had slightly hit me on my arm. That's when I
realized that I was acting stupid. My first impression spoilt.

The last bell of the day rang and everyone started to leave. However, the
teacher held me back for misbehaving in class as she put it. I was so stuck
in detention, but this time it felt good coz I was so lost in my thoughts
again about her, that I didn't find the detention time wasting or boring.

After an hour of daydreaming, I left the college premises heading to my car.
There I saw her waiting for someone. I got in my car and drove near her
asking her if she needed a lift home. She agreed on it. She got in and I
headed to the address she mentioned.

While driving we introduced ourselves and got to know her a bit. I dropped
her at her place. She invited me inside, but I refused as I told her, "Its'
getting late and I need to get home." We said our friendly goodbye, thanks,
as we shook each other's hand and drove off.

At night, I couldn't sleep, I was thinking about her. Her eyes, personality,
face, style, hand shake, cuteness etc. She is so beautiful I thought only if
she was one of my teddy bear I could cuddle her in my arms while going to
sleep. I don't know when I fell asleep, coz I woke up late in the morning
for college.

I hurried up, got dressed gather all my stuff and headed for my car. "Damn!"
I said. My car tires had flattened out. Therefore, the only choice that I
had was to walk to college and be late. As the saying goes, "It's better to
be late then to remain absent."

I reached college half an hour late. It was my luck, the teacher hadn't
arrived yet so I was safe. I saw Kiara (the same beautiful girl) calling me.
I took a seat next to her and we got busy chatting.

We got to know each other a lot better as days passed by. We became good to
best friends. We talked about everything (personal, public, social etc) and
did everything together. We never got tired of each other, as there was
always something to do when we were together.

As we were getting to know each other, my feelings for her were getting
stronger. By now, I already knew she was the only one for me. I didn't know
how to tell coz I was scared what if I loose her forever, as she was
straight, but she still didn't know that I was a lesbian (one secret that I
kept from her).
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